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Notice: Freeze Warning

Attention All Housing Authority Residents!

As many of you know, once the temperature goes below freezing for more than a night or two, the danger of pipes freezing increases. This is because the pipes are located on the outside wall of the buildings. Avoid the serious damage caused by frozen pipes bursting. Flooding and extensive damage to your apartment, personal belongings and your neighbors' apartment can all be caused by water pipes freezing and bursting.

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes:

  • Let your kitchen and bath faucets drip on COLD, with stoppers OPEN. (We don't want any flooding!)
  • Keep your heat above 65 degrees.
  • Leave cabinet doors under bathroom and kitchen sink open to keep warm air circulating around your water pipes.

Plan on being away? Please advise your Leasing Officer with an emergency phone number in the event of an emergency.

With your cooperation, this winter can pass without the inconvenience of freezing!